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MÄD is a board game adaptation based on the well known classic "Mensch Ärgere Dich Nicht". (hence the title of the game) Some may know it under names such as "Ludo" or "Parcheesi".

I've made some additions of my own, unique to this game, which include:

  • the computer AI will play against you. Right now it's moves are based on random rolls, however a more sophisticated decision-making process is in the works.
  • multiple maps of various shapes and sizes!
  • consumable items on the fields: knock back your opponents, or speed up your own tokens, if you can get the power-ups before they do!
  • fine-tune your turns by choosing the size of your dice. With high precision comes high reward!

See how many turns it takes you to get all your tokens from the start to your goal or just watch the AI play against itself forever! Enjoy!

Note: This game is a prototype, that I made to get a bit more into Unity 5.x and tackle a basic board-game AI for fun. It probably won't reach a fully polished release. Most of the design and visuals are rudimentary, but I do make changes now and then, when the fancy strikes me.

Release date Jun 19, 2016
TagsBoard Game
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


MAD.zip 13 MB

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