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XNAG4 (formerly known simply as "Game 4") is a prototype, that I built in order to learn how to build a 2D platformer from the ground up and learn some more about 2D movement and collision detection, saving / loading levels, simple AI and so on. It's more of a playground, than an actual game.

(A lot of homebuilt platformers used tiles at the time, in order to simplify collision, but I was more interested in the challenge and implemented arbitrary sizes for platforms and so on. No tiles here! :) )

Doors start working as soon as you have collected all the fruit in a level. Have fun with all the moving platforms, angled slopes and roaming enemies. And don't forget to spawn a few mice on the way. ;)

Release date Jun 01, 2011
Tags2D, xna
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse

Install instructions

Note: In order to run the game you will need the XNA Redistributable installed on your computer. (official link)

Run XNAG4.exe to play the default level or look inside the "shortcuts" folder to start any level directly.


XNAG4.zip 146 kB

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